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Matlab files in this directory:

 ContentsFile Array Object
 catConcatenate file_array objects. The result is a non-simple object
 cpermutePermuting is not allowed
 create_file_arrayFunction for creating file_array objects.
 ctransposeTransposing not allowed
 dispDisplay a file_array object
 displayDisplay a file_array object
 doubleConvert to double precision
 endOverloaded end function for file_array objects.
 fieldnamesFieldnames of a file-array object
 horzcatHorizontal concatenation of file_array objects
 lengthOverloaded length function for file_array objects
 ndimsNumber of dimensions
 numelNumber of simple file arrays involved.
 numericConvert to numeric form
 permuteCan not be permuted.
 reshapeOverloaded reshape function for file_array objects
 sizeoverloaded size function for file_array objects.
 subsasgnOverloaded subsasgn function for file_array objects.
 subsrefSUBSREF Subscripted reference
 transposeTransposing is not allowed.
 vertcatVertical concatenation of file_array objects.

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