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Matlab files in this directory:

 M2QConvert from rotation matrix to quaternion form
 Q2MGenerate a rotation matrix from a quaternion xi+yj+zk+w,
 decode_qform0Decode qform info from NIFTI-1 headers.
 empty_hdrCreate an empty NIFTI-1 header
 encode_qform0Encode an affine transform into qform
 findindictLook up an entry in the dictionary
 getdictDictionary of NIFTI stuff
 mayo2nifti1Convert from an ANALYZE to a NIFTI-1 header
 mayostrucCreate a data structure describing Analyze headers
 nifti_statsConversion among various statistics
 niftistrucCreate a data structure describing NIFTI headers
 read_extrasRead extra bits of information
 read_hdrGet a variety of information from a NIFTI-1 header.
 read_hdr_rawRead a NIFTI-1 hdr file
 write_extrasWrite extra bits of information
 write_hdr_rawWrite a NIFTI-1 .hdr file.

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