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Matlab files in this directory:

 nic_getVolUSE SPM2 functions to read the volume and if any warning message appears
 nic_mat2filefunction for writing to file_array objects. MEX
 nic_read_volsRead data using SPM5 functions
 nic_spmSPM: Statistical Parametric Mapping (startup function)
 nic_spm_GpdfProbability Density function (PDF) of Gamma distribution
 nic_spm_bwlabelConnected component labelling in 2D or 3D. MEX
 nic_spm_create_volCreate a volume
 nic_spm_defaultsSets the defaults which are used by SPM
 nic_spm_est_smoothnessEstimation of smoothness based on [residual] images
 nic_spm_figureSetup and callback functions for Graphics window
 nic_spm_flip_analyze_imagesDo Analyze format images need to be left-right flipped?
 nic_spm_get_datagets data from image files at specified locations
 nic_spm_hreadreads a header
 nic_spm_hrfreturns a hemodynamic response function
 nic_spm_inputComprehensive graphical and command line input function
 nic_spm_matrixreturns an affine transformation matrix
 nic_spm_platformPlatform specific configuration parameters for SPM
 nic_spm_printPrint the graphics window
 nic_spm_progress_barDisplay a 'Progress Bar' in the 'Interactive' window
 nic_spm_read_hdrRead (SPM customised) Analyze header
 nic_spm_read_netcdfRead the header information from a NetCDF file into a data structure.
 nic_spm_read_volsRead in entire image volumes
 nic_spm_sample_volreturns voxel values from a memory mapped image - a compiled routine MEX
 nic_spm_selectFile selector
 nic_spm_slice_volreturns a slice through a memory mapped image - a compiled routine MEX
 nic_spm_str_manipmiscellaneous string manipulation options
 nic_spm_typetranslates data type specifiers between SPM & Matlab representations
 nic_spm_volGet header information etc for images.
 nic_spm_vol_checkFORMAT [samef, msg, chgf] = spm_vol_check(V1, V2, ...)
 nic_spm_vol_niftiGet header information for a NIFTI-1 image.
 nic_spm_write_planeWrite a transverse plane of image data.
 nic_spm_write_volWrite an image volume to disk, setting scales and offsets as appropriate

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