Demonstrational Data for Resting-State fMRI

Here we release some demonstrational data for resting-state fMRI:
FunRaw   ->    Functional DICOM data
T1Raw    ->    Structural DICOM data

DPARSF_Preprocess_ALFF_FC.mat  -> Parameters for DPARSF to preprocess the raw data and calculate ALFF/fALFF/Functional Connectivity
DPARSF_ReHo.mat  ->  Parameters for DPARSF to calculate ReHo based on preprocessed data

DemoResults  ->    Demonstrational results for the released data and DPARSF parameters

StatisticalDemo  -> Demonstrational ReHo/ALFF/fALFF maps for statistical analysis. AD_MCI_NC: ReHo/ALFF/fALFF for three groups: Alzheimer’s disease patients, Mild cognitive impairment patients and normal controls. EO_EC: ReHo/ALFF/fALFF for one group of participants in eyes-closed and eyes-open conditions.

                    DOWNLOAD   Demonstrational Data   Corresponding Illustration Video   PowerPoint pps