September 2011


Read 3D EPI functional images: "E:\epilepsy\Analysis\FunImgNormalizedSmoothed\sub_15"...................................
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DPARSF ROI-wise connectivity

Hi, I am trying to run FC on my data, and what I am interested in is ROI-wise correlations, rather than full brain values for each ROI. I see DPARSF generated one image per ROI (which I understand to be the correlation of each voxel with the timecourse of that ROI, as well as the z-transform of the correlation) Is there a way for DPARSF to output a matrix with the FC between all the ROIs I selected, or is the best way to do it to take the ROI_ROIFCMap.txt files for each ROI and correlate those? (these files are the preprocessed average timecourse for each ROI, correct?)

thank you


最近看了一篇论文。文中说The significance of group differences in each region was estimated by distributional approximations from the theory of random Gaussian fields, and significance levels were set at p<0.05 (corrected for multiple comparisons). 这样校正的,请问他用的是哪种校正呢?


DPASF 里计算reho

老师,你好,图里面是是我想要的到smreho用于统计时选的几个按钮不知道对不对,特别是data with smooth 和 data without smooth 这两个按钮,我的理解是这样的:1. 计算reho时,选的是data without smooth ,最后得到的 reho图是没平滑的,但是得到的smreho和smreho-1图都是计算出reho图后平滑过? 2. 计算ALFF或者fALFF是要选data with smooth ,直接得出的ALFF和fALFF 图都是平滑过的?


我确认了下参数,我的参数设置;timepoints:160, TR:3,slice number:39,在我设置好之后,运行时出现以下错误,
In spm_jobman at 107
In DPARSF_run at 325
In DPARSF>pushbuttonRun_Callback at 938
In gui_mainfcn at 96
In DPARSF at 40
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c0 = cfg_mlbatch_root;

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[c0 jobs cjob] = local_initcfg;


老师您好!我在用DPARS做静息态数据处理时,slice numeber:39, timepoints:190,TR:3,Reference slice:39,voxelsize:3 3 3 ,FWHM:6 6 6 ,但是出现了以下的错误信息:
Failed 'Slice Timing'
Improper assignment with rectangular empty matrix.
In file "D:\matlab2010\toolbox\spm8\spm_slice_timing.m" (v2696), function "spm_slice_timing" at line 233.


老师,您好!由于一直以来我在DTIStudio软件里,经过它的ARI之后,就直接计算和friber tracking,出来的图不清晰,fiber也很不理想。据说你有说过可以先把dti数据在spm中预处理后,在导到DTIStudio,我错过了你说的这个内容。


problem with non-integer TR value

Hi, I am running DPARSF, I have a dataset with a TR of 2.46, and even though that's the number I specify on the interface, when it runs it seems to think that the TR is 2.5 (as printed on the matlab interface).

Can this be adjusted for? I just wouldn't want the difference to affect ALFF etc

thank you