April 2020

REST GUI not loading in Matlab

Hi everyone,

I've been encountering a problem with the REST GUI and I don't understand what the issue is.

After loading REST from Matlab, if I try to load the GUI for any of the functions (ReHo, ALFF, Functional Connectivity...) the GUI won't load.

The toolbox worked just fine until today. I also tried downloading the latest version and I have the same problem.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thank you,

Nuisance covariates regression的内部过程

在DPABI里有一项“Nuisance Covariates Regression”,默认的regressor有WM,CSF,Global。我想知道回归掉这些regressor的具体过程。
比如:我的fMRI数据有950个时间点,我计算每一个volume的WM和GM的平均值,那么一共能得到950个volume的白质和灰质的数值,通过matlab的regress函数求出了一个线性回归模型:y = 133 + 0.78x(y代表灰质,x代表白质)。
我的问题是:现在怎么通过这个回归模型去除白质对灰质产生的影响呢?还是我的思路根本就不对呢?因为我看nuisance covariates regression处理后的图像像是每个voxel回归后的残差值图像。如果是这样,那么每个voxel的残差值是如何得到的呢?