Using DPARSFA on 160+ subjects

Dear all,
I am in the process of preprocessing 160+ subjects (from Beijing Enhanced) using DPARSFA (advanced). It is set to segment, realign, coregister T1 to fMRI images, affine register, normalize by DARTEL, smooth by DARTEL, detrend, filter, regress out nuisance covariance, and extract AAL time courses.

At this point the computer display shows the following: "Reorienting T1 Image Interactively for XXX" (the first subject). I assume the preprocessing job hasn't ended, am I correct? Given the above, how long would the preprocessing take, roughly speaking?

Also, for the case of advanced edition, I noticed that the generated directories are are assigned different names from those obtained from DPARSF which I find easier to understand. What do the following directory names mean:

FunRawImgA, FunRawImgAR?

Thank you very much.