How to make ROI from Brodmann or AAL template by selecting specific area for functional connectivity

These days, I am trying to analyze functional connectivity in fMRI-resting data using REST1.3.
I have already analyzed using Seed ROI to learn REST software.  That result was pretty good.
So, now I am trying to analyze our data not using seed ROI but useing ROI from BA or AAL template by selecting specific area (e.g. hippocampus, amygdala).
How can I make ROI from BA or AAL template by selecting specific area?
Please comment.
Thank you for your reply in advance.

1. Resample the AAL or BA template (available in MRIcroN) if the template is not the resolution of your functional data according to
2. Make the ROI file. Use rest_sliceviewer to open the resampled template, and click on a region you wanted, then use "Save2Mask" button to save the region in a ROI file.
3. Use REST to do the FC analysis. I think you have known the steps already.
Further, if you want to extract the AAL time courses, you also can try DPARSF.
Best wishes.