ALFF in mice

I am trying to use the ALFF fALFF analysis in rsfMRI data aquired in mice, in a 9.4 Teslas MRI, with the following parameters:

Gradient echo EPI sequence
TR 2 seconds
TE 15 msec
matrix 128x64
16 slices of 0.4mm with a gap of 0.1mm
FOV 20mm

However, my aALFF images have a very bad quality, and can't be used in statical analysis.... I guess that the parameters should be optimized.  Has anybody  tried the ALFF mehod in roedents before?  What parameters do you use?




 Cool scanner! Did you measure spatial SNR? I'd also recommend to compare the ALFF between gray matter and white matter.
"bad quality, and can't be used in statical analysis" It is hard to say "bad quality" by visual inspection on a ALFF image. Instead, it is easy for BOLD original image. ALFF image reflects the fluctuation, but original image reflects something of mean signal.