Dynamic EC 出错

Dynamic EC模块
采用 Slide Window 模式

出错信息如下 ,请求指教,多谢!

Now DynamicBC is running on 0 workers.
Running now!
Default mode: fMRI(reading from NIFTI image), if not? choose "Set ROI/ ROI wise"
Default value 0/NaN is not in the mask/label!
Default value>0 is inside the mask!
There are 104388 voxels inside the mask
Running subject    1 (all    8 subjects)
Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Error in DynamicBC_sliding_window_GC (line 87)
                Matrix(GCM.indX{i},:) =  GCM.matrix{i,1};

Error in DynamicBC_run (line 265)
Error in DynamicBC>wgr_run_check (line 1126)
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback