REST doesn't support the selected ROI definition now



I am hoping to get help with a difficulty that I'm having whilst running restplus. It was at the following step that the run terminated. I had uploaded a nii.gz file as ROI demarcating a region of the ventral default mode network sourced from the findlab ( 

I've not been able to figure out where I've gone wrong. Your advice would be very much appreciated.



"/ibscratch/users/s4371509/Runs/restplus/Functional_ROIs_findlab/dorsal_DMN/dDMN.nii.gz".Error using rp_fc (line 77)

REST doesn't support the selected ROI definition now, Please check:



Error in infodr_FunctionalConnectivity (line 13)

[ResultMaps]=rp_fc(AllVolume,infile_Mask, AROIDef,outfileNam_FC, ACovariablesDef, VorR_tag);


Error in indir_FunctionalConnectivity (line 22)

        infodr_FunctionalConnectivity([indir_FunImg filesep SubfodrList{i}],...


Error in pipeline_kernel>run_FunctionalConnectivity (line 548)



Error in pipeline_kernel (line 225)



Error in pipeline_batch (line 19)



Error in call_pipeline_batch (line 14)



Error in pipeline_run_pushbutton_callback (line 24)




Error in run_BVersionCallback (line 62)



Error in repipl>UIcontrolDisplaySet_callback (line 89)



Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

Thank you for your time,
Chiew Yong Seng


Re: REST doesn't support the selected ROI definition now

Dear Chiew Yong Seng,

REST supports hdr/img pairs and FSL 4D.nii formats. In your case, you may unzip those network components as e.g. dDMN.nii, or convert them to hdr/img pairs by using dcm2nii.gui.  (You may also need to reslice them to desired dimension).

Best regards,



Re: REST doesn't support the selected ROI definition now

Dear Lei,

Thank you, that worked.


Yong seng

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