Mask file not found by DPARSFA/Matlab

Dear experts,

I tried to run the seed-based functional connectivity analysis with the latest version of DPARSFA and Matlab 2015. It all went well for a while, and then I got the following error (attached are two pictures/screenshots of the error). It seems that DPARSFA was not able to find/open the mask files, even though they were definitely there (I didn't type the path to them myself, but I navigated to them in the DPARSFA mask selection window). I also used those files for such analyses before, and they worked without problems. Do you have any idea how I might solve this problem?

Attached is also the picture of the folders DPARSFA created before encountering the error. Do I have to start the analysis again from the beginning, or can I select one of the newly created folders as the starting point?

Thank you in advance for your help!