3D functional connectivity map

To whom it may concern:
Thank you for kindly providing the tool for analyzing resting-state functional connectivity.
I am wondering if I can use the REST TOOL to plot a 3D brain map showing different levels of functional connectivity after running the ROI-wise analysis.
Thank you.

REST Slice Viewer can display images in 2D.
You can use caret to display FC on the surface.

Thank you, Dr. Yan.
This information is very helpful!

Best regards,

Ying-hui Chou

Dear Dr. Yan

Caret is really a excellent software to show fMRI results in 3D, but it may be not easy for doctors to master it. If you could give us a vediou course in Chinese, I am sure it must be very helpful to millions of Chinese researchers.
Best wishes for you!


Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will try to make one when I have time in the near future.