need help with sliceviewer

i used to overly statistical maps on high resolution T1WI with slover('basic_UI')

command. the disadvantage is that we couldn't apply a cluster threshold. the

sliceviewer with REST fMRI toolkit is very good for its convience and versatility. but

there is two charateritics which disppointed me.

the first is just a habit. the coordinate used by SPM5 is neurological which is familial to common sense. as a radiologist, i have succeeded to modify the spm default file to flip it. with spm5, to modify the spm default makes no difference. so we used the nurological ccoordinate now. but the sliceviewer uses the radiological coordinate now which is contrary to the neurological. if presented in the ppt files or essay, the repeated explaination could be exhaustive.

the second is about the presentation of the result. with fmri, it is a common sense there is activations and deactivations. but when we perform voxel based MTI (magnetic transfer imaging), the change is one way. the positive is what we expected. but the negative result is obviously artifacts which locates along the peripheral part of brain parenchyma. but the presence of artifacts (which is in green color) is quite embarrassing in a ppt file.

i wonder
1. whether you can add a button to change between neurological and radiological coordinate
2. whether you can modify the value of the activation threshold, when i input an actviation threshold, only the values above that value is present and the negative result is excluded.

thank you if you can help me or just tell me which file need to be modified. i have checked the m files which is too complicated beyond my capabilities.

the director of my team has invited one of your students to cooperate on applying a nsfc project. i wish our cooperation will be smooth and productive. and someday, i can futher study together.


the picture i supplied is an activation map with BLOCK BOLD fmri.  the actual image i described is not offered because it is kept in the lab within the hosptal and it is home when i find professor zang's notes about posting my question here.

about the negative result presentation, there may be somebody who want to visualize it. it would be better to add buttons to selectively show negative, positive or both contrast.

 SliceViewer could threshold flexibly. If you want suppress the negative values, you may follow the steps:

1.  Misc -> Set range of threshold 


2. The threshold config dialog would just show up. 



3. Change the negative infinite to zero, then all values below zero would be suppressed.