About me (Han ZHANG)

Me, Han ZHANG, born in '82, now is working as a research follow in the Center for Cognition and Brain Disorders (CCBD), Hangzhou Normal Univ, Zhejiang, China. I got my B.S. in Information Science and Electronic Engineering from Zhejiang Univ (2001-2005), then was M.S. student (2006-2008) in Computer Science and Applications in the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning (SKLCNL) in Beijing Normal Univ. After that, I got Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from SKLCNL at Beijing Normal Univ (2008-2011). Please find my detailed CV in attachment.

I am now one of the administrators of the toolkits REST/DPARSF and the website of "www.restfmri.net". I am very happy to help others analyze fMRI data, both for task and resting state, with my experience in SPM and data mining.

My research interests are:
1) Independent component analysis (ICA): methodology and applications on fMRI/fNIRS.
2) Computational methods for resting-state brain functional images.
3) Functional integration modeling and its plasticity due to disease and practice.

Selected publications:
1. Zhang H., Zhang Y.J., Duan L., Ma S.Y., Lu C.M., Zhu C.Z., Is resting-state functional connectivity revealed by functional near-infrared spectroscopy test-retest reliable? J Biomed Opt (2011), 16(2), 067008.
2. Zhang H., Duan L., Zhang Y.J., Lu C.M., Liu H., Zhu C.Z., Test-retest assessment of independent component analysis-derived resting-state functional connectivity based on functional near-infrared spectroscopy. NeuroImage (2011), 55(2), 607-615. 
3. Zhang H., Zuo X.N., Ma S.Y., Zang Y.F., Milham M.P., Zhu C.Z., Subject order-independent group ICA (SOI-GICA) for functional MRI data analysis. NeuroImage (2010), 51(4), 1414-1424.
4. Zhang H., Zhang Y.J., Lu C.M., Ma S.Y., Zang Y.F., Zhu C.Z., Functional connectivity as revealed by independent component analysis of resting-state fNIRS measurements. NeuroImage (2010), 51(3), 1150-1161.
5. Wang L., Zhu C.Z., He Y., Cao Q.J., Wang Y.F., Zhang H., Zhong Q.H., Zang Y.F., Altered Small-World Brain Functional Networks in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Hum Brain Mapp (2008), 30, 638-649.
6. Zhang H., Zhu C.Z. 2010. Brain plasticity due to long-term piano practice as revealed by intrinsic functional-network-connectivity based on resting-state fMRI. 50th Annual Meeting of Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR), Portland, Oregon, USA. (Travel award)

My contact information is here (Please feel free to contact me when you meet troubles in data processing):
Email:napoleon1982#gmail.com, han.zhang#hznu.edu.cn (replace # with @)
QQ: 35455688
Phone: 158-6917-4768

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