Just a Quick Suggestion at Midnight!

Hi My Friends,

I am saying hi to you guys all. Long time no visiting the forum, sorry, recent life is really filled with all things. Just go through all posted messages and push a possible step for REST:

Perhaps it is a pretty good idea for adding task-data-based functional connectivity into REST, i mean functional cnnectivity and ReHo, ALFF/fALFF all these stuff can also be made bu such a way. Look the requests from users from their posts.

All In Advances


 It's hard to say something for a long time since your post. Your post should be a good suggestion. All the methods REST implemented could also be used to task-fMRI analysis definitely. 

But in my opinion, "REST" name should not be a stumbling stone, though the user's requests are one of powers to promote REST's development.
As for task specific data processing flows, there would be many more works to do which seem not our current vigor could afford.
The realization of requests from users may be done under some experts.
All these are just my thoughts, welcome more discussion.

At least, REST can do those things but just need a document. I am thinking of REST is a package providing measures for spatial-temporal imaging data.


This is a good suggestion. And it would be very appreciated if anyone would publish his/her experience of using REST for task related fMRI analysis at restfmri.net.