Maximum variable size

I tried to start a seed-based connectivity analysis, but it stopped at the first, detrending stage with the error: "Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded".

Is there a limit on the number of volumes or subjects that can be analysed? I have 840 volumes. I was trying a pilot analysis in 5 subjects.

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REST doesn't have any limit on the number of volumes. There seems to be something wrong with your Matlab or your System for your error.
REST did some works with about 1000 time points' EPI data by Xiangyu Long.

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1107 - Avoiding Out of Memory Errors


Be aware of the number of elements limit (issue on 64-bit systems only)

In MATLAB 7.4, part of release 2007a, and earlier, there is a limit on the number of elements in an array of 231-2, or approximately 2x109. If you try to create an array with more elements than this, MATLAB throws an error. For example,

>> a=zeros(2^31-2,1,'int8'); % Possible with MATLAB on 64-bit platform
>> clear
>> a=zeros(2^31-1,1,'int8'); % Not possible in MATLAB 7.3 and earlier
??? Error using ==> zeros
Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded.

The largest real double array you can store is therefore approximately 16GB in size (8 bytes per element) or 32GB for complex data.

Note that in MATLAB Version 7.4 and later you can create arrays with more than 231-1 elements but this was not officially supported until MATLAB 7.5.

In MATLAB 7.5, part of release 2007b and later, this limit was increased to 248 -1 and is therefore practically removed.