Howto: Change the default interface language for youself

Default language of this site is English. Currently it also supports Chinese partially.

Chaning default site interface language would let you not have to select your home language every time you login to this site. It maybe a convinent way to keep this site as your language.



Howto: 更改自己的用户名

  1. 本组(ZangYF Group)的用户可以更改自己的用户名,所以如果你对你在这里的名字感到不满意,可以更换,嗯,要换的话还是尽早换,另外,换了以后尽量不要再更改,呵呵,不过这些都是建议。
  2. 至于是不是本组用户,打开自己的Profile看看能不能改名字就知道了。
  3. 如果不是本组用户,而且想更改自己申请的用户名的话,那就给管理员写信吧,由管理员帮你改。

Questions With This Site

  • Any questions you encountered with this site could be posted as a comment to this topic.
  • Please feel free to explore this researching site. I hope it be a start point of your resting-state fMRI research interest.

One advice is reading “How To Ask Questions The Smart Way”.

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