January 2009

meaning of f contrast "enter column indices for reduced design matrix x0"


enter column indices for reduced design matrix x0



list of resting-state fMRI papers

Hi friends. Please find the attached for a list of resting-state fMRI papers. Please note that some papers may by missed. Thank you in advance for your help if you could add some other resting-state fMRI papers.

need help with sliceviewer

i used to overly statistical maps on high resolution T1WI with slover('basic_UI')

command. the disadvantage is that we couldn't apply a cluster threshold. the

sliceviewer with REST fMRI toolkit is very good for its convience and versatility. but

there is two charateritics which disppointed me.


本人做了一个resting state fmri 的实验,受试是人,受试者在用药前和用药后做一次磁共振扫描,数据分析采用ALFF分析,统计用配对T检验,但统计出来的图如附件所示,好象结果都跑到脑外去了,不知道为何会如此,请高手指点解决。不胜感激!