June 2010

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Problem with deleting first images

Dear reader,

I know a similar problem has been reported before, but somehow the solution offered does not work for me.
And parts of the answer was in Chinese so I was not able to follow it completely.

DPARSF nicely starts with processing the DICOM files.
I get a folder called FunImg > Subject > XXX.nii.gz (containing a .nii with 207 images)
But then the following error message appears



       详情请见附件或点击  http://www.sinorad.com/cn/images/20100226.pdf

rest statistics2

      1. 你在课程中提到多组样本数据比较的时候,要先做ANOVA,然后做Post Hoc分析,但是第一步ANOVA分析以后,这个Post Hoc分析在软件里面又怎么实现呢?

bug report: "DICOM to Nii" when dealing dicom files from GE under linux AMD64

 Dear RESTers:

Recently I used DPARSF to process some functional images obtained from GE HDx 3.0T system, my environment was Ubuntu 9.10 AMD 64 Version, Matlab 2009b, SPM8 and DPARSF 100510.

During converting Dicom to nii step, the system keeps running but nothing was converted from dicom files. 

Maybe it's a bug of DPARSF with linux, all the images were smoothly process in WinXP.



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