Bandpass filtering


I'm trying to use the rest_bandpass function in your toolkit, but I can't get it to read my data. Specifically, I get the error message below. If I try to use the GUI, I get an error dialog saying "There is no data or non-data files in this directory".

I get the same message for different datatsets. I have made sure that only the volumes and not other files are in that directory. I can use the image files with no problems using other analysis packages.


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>> rest_bandpass('test', 1.420, .08, .01, 'No', 'Default')


Ideal rectangular filter: "test"Warning: There are too few time points.(i.e. The number of the time points is less than 10)

> In rest_to4d at 26

  In rest_bandpass at 37


Read 3D EPI functional images: "test".??? Undefined function or variable "VoxelSize".


Error in ==> rest_to4d at 69

VoxelSize = VoxelSize';


Error in ==> rest_bandpass at 37

[AllVolume,vsize,theImgFileList, Header] =rest_to4d(ADataDir);


REST V1.2 can only process NIFTI images with suffix .hdr/.img currently. I think there may be .nii files in your directory.
Please covert your data into SPM .hdr/.img format first. The dcm2niigui.exe under MRIcroN may help you to achieve this.
Best wishes!
YAN Chao-Gan