October 2009

cp: preserving permissions for "...": operation not supported.

Hi DPARSF developers, 

Thanks very much for your help so far. There is another error that I'm having difficulty understanding--printed below. I'm running DPARSF from spm5 using MATLAB 7.4.0. This error occurred after running the normalisation steps. In particular, I don't know why copying permissions and the ACL is not supported only for the files mentioned. 

Once this problem is fixed should I run DPARSF from the normalisation step again? 

Many thanks in advance for your help.

opening DPARFS in mtlab


i have downloaded the DPARFS toolkit and I cannot open it in MATLAB. Could someone please instruct me on what to type in the MATLAB window to get this toolkit to open. For example, to open the resting state toolkit I type: rest.

thank you in advance for help regarding this matter.


DPARSF--the detected time points of subject "..." is: 0, ... slice timing correction

 Dear DPARSF developers, 

I'm trying to use the DPARSF toolbox to process some nifti (hdr, img) resting state sequences. It seems to be able to read the files (stored in FunImg), but when I un-tick the 'Slice Timing' box it appears with the message "the detected time points of subject "..." is: 0 ...". Does this mean that we have to conduct the slice timing step? 

many thanks,


functional connectivity

我用rest中的functional connectivity做两个脑区的相关行分析,分别选择了两个脑区中的某一个体素作为ROI,进行相关性分析。不同的是数据预处理时高斯平滑核分别选择4和6进行处理。得到的结果却相差很大,有的出现一次正相关,一次负相关,有的出现两次相关性相差几十倍。想请问各位老师:改变高斯核会有这么大变化吗?还是这个情况属于不正常,可能是处理步骤出了问题?

如何分析解释REST 的结果呢


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some problems while using REST


error: subscripted assignment dimension mismatch

Dear REST developers,

When I attempt to run the functional connectivity pipeline in the program with a single subject 4D analyze format image with no mask it returns the message below. What does this message mean? How can I fix it? 

thank you,


Ideal rectangular filter:    "/data/blinky/work/dominic/seed/test_1/1005031/rest_trial"
     Read 3D EPI functional images: "/data/blinky/work/dominic/seed/test_1/1005031/rest_trial".