1. 运行环境:Ubuntu 9.10 AMD64 + Matlab R2009b + REST2007V1.3_091215 + DPARSF_V1.0_091215 + SPM8 (patched to 3408)

question about the result of functional connectivity

hello.  I am using the REST program and had a quick question.  I am trying to use the functional connectivity aspect of the program and had a quick question on what it gives me as a result.  I am using the voxel wise function and I am masking a certain region and trying to calculate connectivity between that region and other regions in the brain.  I got the program to work I just am not sure exactly what the colors mean that the result gives me.  Does a lighter color mean that that area is the most similar to my region of interest.  Does it mean that it is more ac

This week's papers of resting-state fMRI (PubMed's search result)

Although PubMed supplied the service for subscribers about the updates in some domain, I found not every researcher know its use.
So I would republish PubMed's search results of each week to reflect the development of resting-state fMRI.
I wish this could help some people get some most recent information. And I hope all the members of could also do this to share our research interest.




Howto Start a topic in from an abstract in PubMed

PubMed should be a most familiar tool to search and find our interested papers. If you do not only want to check an article from PubMed but also want to discuss or comment the article, I will show you the method below since discussion may strengthen our understanding of a paper and also push us to find a question and make a furthur step to promote a question.  

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